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Welcome to the website of the Illinois Valley Food Pantry, located in LaSalle, IL.

The Illinois Valley Food Pantry sincerely values your support and donations, as they play a vital role in helping us serve our community. We greatly appreciate your generosity in contributing various essential items, including fresh produce, baby food, supplies, as well as dog and cat food. Additionally, non-food items such as toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner are highly appreciated.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Thank you for supporting the Illinois Valley Food Pantry!

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Illinois Valley Food Pantry Store front
Your generous donation to the Illinois Valley Food Pantry plays a crucial role in procuring essential food items. By contributing, you directly impact our ability to provide nourishment to those in our community who are in need. Your financial gift has a significant effect as it allows us to consistently stock our pantry and ensure that individuals and families have continual access to vital food supplies. We sincerely appreciate your support in making a positive difference and creating a stronger community together.

Illinois Valley Food Pantry now accepts online monetary donations.  Click the DONATE button at the top of the page to start your contribution.

Our fiscal year runs from September 1st to August 31st.


The numbers below represent the fiscal year 2022-2023.

Number of new clients


Number of new clients percentage increase.

Number of indviduals served during the fiscal year.

Number of families served during the fiscal year.

Pounds of food distributed during the fiscal year.


Percentage of proceeds we receive that stays at the pantry to serve our community.

How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

Illinois Valley Food Pantry is devoted to alleviating hunger in our community. We provide essential support and nourishment to individuals and families facing food insecurity. Join us in our mission to combat hunger and bring hope to those in need.


Illinois Valley Food Pantry depends on volunteers like you. Your dedication makes a difference in our community. As a volunteer, you can help fight hunger and provide resources to those in need. Join our team today and make a lasting impact.


The Illinois Valley Food Pantry appreciates your generous contributions to support our mission of providing food assistance. Your donation has a profound impact in our community, helping combat hunger and making a positive difference.  Make a meaningful contribution today.


Illinois Valley Food Pantry – Advocate. Our unwavering dedication lies in wholeheartedly championing the mission of the food pantry, striving to make a meaningful impact in support of their cause.

Help With Hunger By Donating Today!