Pantry Policies

Helping the Community Every Month & Holidays

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Illinois Valley Food Pantry provides essential meals to families in need, serving as a reliable source of support. With a strong focus on community, we offer food assistance once a month, ensuring that families receive the sustenance they require. During special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, we go the extra mile by offering special holiday baskets.

In times of emergency, more frequent distribution can be arranged. Our commitment to understanding individual circumstances is paramount, which is why potential clients undergo interviews where their needs are carefully assessed. This process also involves gathering information regarding income and family size.

Furthermore, we extend our services to the handicapped and the elderly, delivering food directly to their doorsteps. At Illinois Valley Food Pantry, we believe in making a tangible impact, one meal at a time.

Towns served:


LaSalle Peru Oglesby
Utica Cedar Point Tonica
Lowell Lostant Leonore
Wenona Jonesville Earlville


Eligibility Guidelines

The pantry uses income eligibility guidelines from the State of Illinois Department of Human Services. 

All potential clients are required to register for free food assistance in person.


We also require Photo IDs and current Proof of Address (once the client is registered) for every visit to the pantry for food assistance.

Proof of Residency

Utility bills (gas, electric, or water), bank or medical statements, or any other mail received from the US Post Office with a current date (within 60 days) and address. Proof of residency is required for all adults (18 years of age and older) residing in the household.

Photo I.D.

Picture ID such as a valid Illinois Driver’s License or other photo ID is required from the main household member applying for assistance.

Names and Date of Birth

The names and date of birth are required for everyone residing in the household.

Income Eligibility

Income eligibility is based on the Federal poverty guideline as determined by the State of Illinois and varies depending upon the number of people in the household. Clients are asked to verify that their monthly income meets these conditions.